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Marine Radio ( SRC ) The RYA Marine Radio Short Range Certificate ( SRC ) is the minimum qualification required to operate marine VHF radio equipment in the UK.

 This includes both fixed and handheld equipment with and without Digital Selective Calling ( DSC ). It is obtained by successfully completing the SRC online course at the end of which you can print a course completion certificate, you are then eligible to take the SRC practical exam. 

If you already have an RYA Restricted VHF certificate or a suitable aviation GMDSS radio operator's certificate you do not need to complete the course. You will be required to provide the certificate as evidence of eligibility for the exam, you should discuss the availability of direct assessments with Oyster Coast Watersports ( OCW ). 

The SRC online course is currently 59 and may be booked and completed online through OCW. There is no age limit for taking the SRC course but exam candidates must be 16 years old on the day of the exam.

 To book the course with Oyster Coast Watersports click the link:- Book SRC Course The SRC Practical Exam 

To be eligible for the exam, on the day of the exam all candidates must: 

1. be at least 16 years old, and 

2. present one of the following eligibility documents: - evidence of completing the SRC online course, or - an RYA Restricted VHF certificate, or - a suitable aviation GMDSS radio operator's certificate. 

3. Provide a current passport sized Photo. 

SRC exams consist of a written theory exam ( 30 minutes ) and an assessment in the practical use of marine VHF radios. 

The exam fee is payable directly to the RYA. 

When you have completed the SRC online course please contact OCW by email to book a date for the practical exam. The SRC exam fee is currently 70 and covers the cost of the examiner and the administration of processing and issuing the certificate. This fee is payable to the RYA and is separate to the fee that you pay for the training course. 

Online payment by debit or credit card

 The preferred method is to pay online, this simplifies the payment process for the course and exam. Prior to taking the exam, use the RYA online exam payment system to pay for the exam and receive a personalised exam application form. Print this out and bring it with you to the exam, together with your eligibility document and a passport sized photo.

 The card payment does not need to be in your name, and no payment details are recorded against your account. To Pay for the Exam Click Here

 Download the online taster course   A good place to start is by doing the online taster course just to make sure your computer is capable of 

What's Provided

Your get a RYA VHF hand book to help with your online course a great refrence tool

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the RYA on-line course, I found the examination session extremely useful, not just for being tested on my knowledge but also for being with the Principal of Oyster Coast Water Sports. Putting me at ease, he introduced some key learning points about operating a radio at sea and made the assessment a really valuable conclusion to my study of the subject.
John Peter Morrison (22/10/2018)


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