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Our Yachtmaster Power Prep Course is designed to help you take the skills and knowledge you've acquired and solidify them in a week-long preparatory course so that you can pass your practical assessment with flying colours!

The Yachtmaster course is not a course where you are taught your skills. It is a course that polishes your skills. We advise you to have a Day skipper course before attempting a Yachtmaster course.

Are you curious about what a Yachtmaster Certificate of Competence entails?

Obtaining the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Power Certificate of Competence permits you to captain a Motor Yacht up to 24 meters in length at least 150 miles away from any safe harbour. To go even further, remember to add your STCW Basic Safety Training certificate; skippers can handle motor boats up to 200GT that could be longer than twenty-four meters. Moreover, there are two routes through which one may acquire the coveted RYA Yachtmaster Certificate of Competence!

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore

If you aim to advance to Lead Deckhand or Bosun, Yachtmaster Offshore is the way forward. This RYA certification is a pre-requisite for becoming an Efficient Deckhand and necessary to be considered as Officer of the Watch. It's no wonder it's become so popular amongst super yacht crew!

What experience do I need to join the course?

    At least 2,500 miles are logged before you sit the Yachtmaster offshore exam. At least half the sea time must be in tidal waters.
    If you have been working on a Superyacht / a vessel over 24m, then at least 1,250 sea miles must have been completed on a vessel less than 24m in length.
    5 passages of over 60 miles, acting as skipper for at least two of these passages completed on a vessel between 7 and 24m in length.
    2 of 5 passages above would have involved overnight passages
    A GMDSS short-range VHF radio certificate
    A valid First Aid Certificate.

        Please note if you hold an STCW Elementary First Aid, then it must have been issued in the last five years.
        For RYA RYA First Aid, it's three years.
    All qualifying experience must be within 10 years before the exam.
    You must be 18 years of age or older.

Requirements for the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore exam 

RYA Yachtmaster Theory

 Your navigation knowledge must meet the same standard as those undertaking the RYA Yachtmaster Theory course. If you still need to complete this training, we suggest doing so before attempting to pass this exam.

Yachtmaster or Coastal

Suppose you're searching for a qualification to build your self-assurance on the water but need more sea time or command experience to qualify for an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate. In that case, we highly recommend obtaining the Yachtmaster Coastal certificate. This credential is specifically designed for sailors who've logged 800 miles at sea and those wishing to remain in coastal waters. With a motorboat, this certification provides all the confidence needed on any maritime voyage!

Where to stay

You can stay on the boat free, bring a sleeping bag and a pillow.


    All training, fuel and berthing fees included

231 Yachtmaster Offshore/Coastal exam fee is not included.


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Rya Yachtmaster Prep Course

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