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Safe and Fun RYA course Online 15, If you are looking to become an instructor this is a course that your most times required to have.

This course is suitable for anyone working with children and vulnerable adults within an RYA environment.

This includes those volunteering or working at recognised training centres and affiliated clubs. It provides a basic level of knowledge and awareness, put in the context of realistic scenarios that anyone could encounter at their club or centre.

From April 2015 onwards it will be a requirement for all newly qualifying Level 2 Racing Coaches, Dinghy and Windsurfing Instructors and Senior Instructors to complete prior to their instructor/coach training course.

This course is an on-line course. 

Who is required to take this course ?

Newly qualifying Level 2 Racing Coaches, Dinghy and Windsurfing Instructors and Senior Instructors must take this course if their instructor course takes place after 1 April 2015.

Can anyone who is not an instructor take this course ? 

Yes, anyone can take this course. It is useful for anyone involved in teaching or volunteering with children or vulnerable adults in an RYA environment.

Is it possible to take this course in a classroom instead of on-line ? 

No, this course is only available on-line. If you take it as part of your instructor training you will also complete a classroom workshop during the instructor course, but the course itself must be completed online.

What devices are compatible with the course ?

You can take the course on a PC, Mac or iPad, so long as you are connected to the internet.

How long is the course ?

This course is equivalent to classroom training of approximately three hours. However, the benefit of learning online is that you can work through it at your own speed. It may take you more or less time than that.

How long is the certificate valid for ?

The certificate does not have a specific expiry date. However, your training centre, club or organisation should have a policy for ongoing staff training and ensuring that everyone is up to date. That may involve you taking the course again at regular intervals, or completing other relevant safeguarding training. Please check your own organisations policy for details.

Ive already taken a different safeguarding course elsewhere. Can this be used instead of Safe and Fun for my instructor course ?

The Safe and Fun course forms the basis of the safeguarding workshop that you will complete during your instructor course and puts safeguarding issues into context specifically for those instructing at RYA centres or clubs. It is therefore not possible to use other courses as alternative certification prior to your Instructor, Senior Instructor or Level 2 Racing Coach Course.

RYA Safe and Fun Safeguarding course Price 15 

Date; Online, anytime  Length of Course is up to you 

Stuff I need; Computer and Internet.


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