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CEVNI  is an online course, the RYA web site will lead you through this online course teaching you at your own pace.

You need an RYA CEVNI, with an International Certificate of Competence (ICC), for navigation on inland waterways in most of Europe. 

Code Européen des Voies de Navigation Intérieure (CEVNI) is the code governing navigation on the interconnected European inland waterways.Signs, rules and procedures for navigating many of the European inland waterways are all included within the CEVNI and in the same way as pleasure craft on coastal waters are expected to abide by the COLREGS, pleasure craft on many of the inland waterways of Europe, which in places are heavily utilised by commercial traffic, are expected to know the CEVNI as this is the basis of many of the various countries’ own regulations.

Work through this online course and then complete an online test to make sure you have an understanding of the subject.

Once you have paid for the course, a log in name and password will be sent to you, usually within 24 hours . After completing the user profile you will then be free to study at your own pace, there are practice exams for you to try before attempting the final exam. On completion you can download a pass certificate from the RYA.

To update your ICC, complete this form:  RYA_ICC Renewal_Form, send it to the RYA, enclose the CEVNI pass certificate and a new passport photo. 

Resolution 40 requires that candidates applying for an ICC with the inland category validated have sufficient knowledge of the traffic regulations applicable on inland waters, in particular the CEVNI. The CEVNI is not covered in any of the RYA’s courses, even those specific to inland waterways, as these regulations are not in use in the UK. It is therefore necessary to have a separate theory test on the CEVNI regulations.There is however no separate CEVNI certificate or CEVNI endorsement. 

Passing the ICC CEVNI test simply allows the Inland category on your ICC to be validated, thereby indicating that you have demonstrated knowledge of the traffic regulations applicable on inland waters, in particular the CEVNI, as required by the Resolution.

All candidates requiring the inland category validated must pass the ICC CEVNI test irrespective of whether the regulations are in force in the country or on the river, lake or canal where they intend to go boating.


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