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Windsurfing in Whitstable Kent, taster three hour sessions. Book with friends and make it cheaper, all tasters delivered with an RYA windsurfing instructor.

One person is 115 for three hours.

Two people is 95 for three hours

Three people is 75 for three hours.

We use Fanatic Viper windsurfing boards with dagger boards, we have a range of 2.5m 3,5m and 4.5m windsurfing Rigs.

In the three hours we can have give you a taster of windsurfing.

If you have tried windsurfing before and are looking for lessons to push you on, then please get in touch by email,

The difference between a taster and lessons is for the taster, you will be given basic instruction and allowed to get on with it. In the lessons the instructor will stay with you and instruct you, let you progress and practice and then give you more instruction, so a very different experience.

If you have ever windsurfed before you do not want the Taster session, you will need the lessons, please drop us an email and we will do our best to work around your time and dates.

We also do windsurfing lessons and these are 

80 a person for two hours, 

70 for two hours for two people

65 for two hours three people.

Windsurfing board, wetsuit and buoyancy aid

We supply the windsurfing board, rig, wetsuit and buoyancy aid, you will need something to wear on your feet, like old trainers, a towel and warm dry clothing to change back into.


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Windsurfing Taster lessons 3 hours

Windsurfing whitstable kent hire lessons

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