Power Boat & PWC

We teach our power craft course from a wide selection of craft, from small inflatables to mid size ribs with centre consoles, to large diesel heavier craft. This gives you a variety of boats and the way they are piloted, they act differently from one to another and the way you need to control them.

    • Power Boat Level 2, Ideally we would like you to of done power boat level 1, but we have had so many people that come straight to this course it is not a drama, our instructors take you from getting the craft in to the water, navigating against wind and current, to coming along side man over board, we go through it all, we teach you on tiller engines, console controls, and even have a big heavy diesel inboard, Oyster coast water sports give you a varied and wide range of learning experiences.
    • Advanced Power Boat You will of needed to do Level boat 2 at the least to do this, but we take you on to night boating using buoys and other navigational marks, the next stage on for all enthusiastic boaters.
    • PWC Course Whether you just want to have a go on holiday or buy your own machine, the RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency Course will teach you how to get the best from it. The course is designed for both first time users and experienced riders alike. Increasingly the certificate is required for launching in a number of UK harbours, but is also needed if you want to use your PWC abroad.
    • PWC Conversion Course. This course lets a instructor do a conversion course as long as he as a full Level 2 power boat instructors ticket. Has a up to date first aid, and PWC competency certificate.
    • Powerboat Instructors Course, The Powerboat Instructor is a competent, experienced helm who has been trained to teach power boating up to Level 2 under the supervision of the Principal or Chief Instructor of an RYA Recognised Training Centre.
      Candidates should have logged at least five seasons’ experience of power boating, preferably in a range of boat types and sizes. For those who use powerboats as an integral part of their normal full-time occupation, this period is reduced to one season.
    •  Advanced Powerboat Instructor Course. Existing powerboat instructors wishing to teach the advanced course must hold that level of certificate themselves, gained by taking the two day course.

Buy RYA Powerboat Handbook (eBook) at the RYA Shop

Buy RYA Powerboat Handbook (eBook) at the RYA Shop
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