Day Camp 20th July -11th September 2017


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Kids Day Camp; Sailing, Stand Up Paddleboard, Kayaks & Life Raft Assault Course

Day Camp Water Activities – for 7 – 15 yr olds from £25 for a morning or afternoon. Half day 9:15-12:00 or 13:00-15:45
Loyalty discount. Book 10 sessions or 5 days and you will receive the session for £25, please book and we will refund the difference to you. ) Normal price £30.

We are also running a full day discount, if you book both the morning and the afternoon on the same day we will also refund you the difference. So instead of it costing £30 morning  £30 afternoon, so £60 total it will be £50. Refund will be sent within 24 hours back to your PayPal account.

Oyster Coast Watersports now presents a new half or full day summer camp in Whitstable.

The day consists of fun on the water, if the weather and tides are good we might go sailing, we might go Stand up paddle boarding, maybe kayaking, there is no definitive structure to the day and please parents do not request your child has to just do sailing or paddle boarding, we try and do different things, it is not going to just be a sailing day or a sailing week. it is just fun around the water and getting wet,

If we can go sailing,  you might well get a RYA Junior Sailing Certificate. As part of our activities, the young people might be taught how to Sail by enthusiastic Instructor using Tazs, Topazs and Picos.
Stand up Paddle boarding SUP. The latest cool sport, surf and paddle, great exercise, a lot of fun. We have 10 super light SUP boards and our ASI instructors to teach the correct technique, as well as some XL sups which take up to 10 kids.

Kayaks. There is a large selection of sit on top kayaks, organised races or just a sedate paddle, great fun falling off and climbing back on these craft.

Life Raft Assault Course. This is actually what the kids seem to love most, jumping in and out of these massive life rafts, these large rafts can carry a lot of people and there is nothing better than jumping on and off these huge inflatable rafts with their new friends.

Once the young person has reached the correct standard they will be presented with an RYA Junior Sailing Certificate or an ASI Stand Up Paddleboard Certificate. Depending on weather conditions, this usually takes between 5- 10 sessions, ( it might take a little longer as this is a multi activity day camp and not a single discipline school )

Bring your children to our day camp, Open 5 days a week, Monday – Friday throughout the summer holidays, for a great day of fun filled water activities.*

Available for children from age 7 to 15, these fun and educational day camps provide your children with invaluable water safety skills – whilst having a great time !

*Some activities are dependent on our lovely British weather ! But do not be disheartened; poor weather activities are available throughout the day if needed. More information available on request.

Whitstable is famous for oysters, festivals, regattas and racing events including national sailing championships and water ski races throughout the summer. Who knows one day you too could be competing in these events. Why not come and take part in our day camps.

Please do not drop off your children more than 15 mins before the session start as our staff are always busy ensuring the equipment is safe and ready to use, they cannot be in two places at once. They will watch the young people during lunch break ( you are responsible for sending them with a picnic, sorry we don’t supply this ). Please make sure the young people have warm clothes to change into, a towel and a waterproof coat as it might rain. If there is a chance of sunshine please apply sun cream before they come down to the beach.
All the gear needed for the water such as buoyancy aids ( which are compulsory ) wetsuits and spray tops are included within the prices.

Day Camp Water Activities – for 7 – 15 yr olds for just £30 a morning or afternoon.

Loyalty discount. Book 10 sessions or 5 days and you will receive the session for £25, please book and we will refund the difference to you.

Please contact if you need more info on 01227 806108 or email us on