Fast adventure boat rides to Whitstable Sea Forts, wind farms and seal spotting

Fast boat rides out to the Maunsell Forts off Whitstable and the wind farms.

rib1 The cost of a seat on the boat is £40 and it is about a hours trip to go and have a look at the forts and the wind farms, the boat can take about 7 people not including the skipper, if you would like to hire the boat and skipper for the hour it is £250 and if you would like to hire it for 2 hours and go and look at the seals in the estuary between Whitstable Faversham and Sheppy then that is £400

This is our 7.8m Ribeye, it is capable of 40 knots in comfort and can take 7 guests out to the forts in about 14 minutes on a calm day. It has a powerful 250hp Yamaha engine which is fairly quiet for such a large engine.

The Maunsell forts built in world war 2 have had a interesting history, once protecting the thames estuary from German war planes and then becoming the home for a pirate radio station learn all about them on our trip.

A short trip to the east are the Wind turbines on the Kentish flats, these are massive when you get up close, and it is interesting seeing the forts that were cutting edge in there time to the modern green wind turbines 6.2 miles from Whitstable.


The trips can be customised around you and take between 1-3 hours, a highlight after seeing the forts and wind farms is to have a leisurely trip down the Swale estuary to try and spot the seals basking on the mud between Faversham and the Isle of Sheppy.






We recently had the boat rented By Scott Amling a professional photographer from Los Angeles USA to get some amazing shots of the forts on a moody day, if you would like to hire the boat to get some amazing photos please get in touch.

The cost of hiring the boat starts at £250 a hour  for your own private ride to some amazing places,

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